What are the healthy food habits and regular exercise for a good health?

Health is a state of total physical, mental and social wellbeing. Only the absence of disease in our body cannot be called Health. Health is the principal value of life, it holds the highest step in the hierarchy of human requirements. Health – one of the most essential components of human pleasure and one of the best conditions for strong social and economic growth. Understanding of intellectual, physical, moral-spiritual and reproductive potential is achievable only in a healthy society.

The best means to stay strong are by taking care of a few major things- mental stability, physical activity, and a healthy diet with natural remedies. Most of the individuals find it challenging to include workout sessions in their busy days. You can read the physical exercises methods in health for OneMedNews.

Some tips to maintain a healthy body:

Follow protein-rich diet – Protein-rich diet is very beneficial in proper tissue building and provides proper body shape with great immunity, as a result, you can grow fit, have egg whites, chicken breast, whey protein, non-fat milk etc.

Don’t skip breakfast – After lengthy night our body wanted food in the morning, if you have breakfast then your metabolism advance which supports in weight loss, eat grain and protein-rich diet in breakfast like egg white, oatmeal, etc.

House exercise at least 5 times a week – Exercise is to lose stored fat and burn calories if you evade exercise, then fat is deposited on the body and fat gain which adds up your body mass.

Take 8 hours deep sleep – sleep is the most important factor for fitness because, during sleep time our tissue growth, the muscle restoration process is progressing on, in the process of weight loss, the role of sleep is 30 %. If you follow diet, exercise etc. and neglect sleep then it makes it hard to weight loss

Avoid junk food and colas – Junk food and soft drinks holding too many calories so it increases weight. Soft drinks contain too much sugar, if you consume it regularly it that will cause diabetes.

Eat fiber rich food – Have fiber rich diet like oatmeal, which encourage you to keep full for a lengthy period and also contains more fiber that adds up your immunity power.

Eat a salad with a meal – If you take a salad with a meal which has low calorie, so you feel stomach heavy with less calorie which benefits in keeping weight in control

Drink green tea – Green tea helps to increase metabolism and aid in weight loss

Use skimmed milk – Using skimmed milk better supports well than regular milk

Eat 6 small meals – Don’t ingest too much at a time, take 5 to 6 small feed which boosts metabolism and assists in weight loss and maintaining healthy

Avoid drink water with food– If you sip water with a meal it is hard to digest as a result gain weight

Drink 3 to 4 liter of water – It benefits in the digestion process

About work late at night – Avoid late night sleeps

Walk at least 1 km – If your age is above 45 or cannot work out then walk at least 1 to 2 km per day

Meditation – Do meditation regularly to a stress-free life

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