OneMedForum to Take Hiatus from San Francisco. 11th Annual Conference to Davos, Switzerland

New York — OneMedForum announced that will move to Davos/Klosters Switzerland for 2018 and present research and host sessions on major global health problems for Klosters Innovation Partners during the World Economic Forum January 21-25.

Preliminary findings on obesity, cancer and dementia from surveys and interviews with leading investors, scientists, and emerging companies will be presented. The goal is to understand these critical global health issues and to develop strategies on how best to address them. Sessions on the impact of blockchain and artificial intelligence on healthcare delivery will also be held during the week.

“After a 10-year run with the OneMedForum in San Francisco, it is a good time for a break to pursue an unusual opportunity,” said Brett Johnson, Founder of the OneMedForum, adding, “This is a unique chance to reach and assemble some of most powerful people globally capable of impact in these critical areas. We have the opportunity to bridge the gap between the innovators with solutions, policy makers, and capital providers.”

“By bringing insight and information about promising technologies to Davos, we can reach an audience able to help these promising innovations meet the global challenges in critical health areas”

The strategy is to conduct global research on the latest advances and most promising technologies, and to present such to the serious relevant actors at regular meetings around the globe.  This information will be in a published and electronic Guide for Impact Investing dedicated to each specific area.

The guides which will be updated continually, will contain interviews with thought leaders and profiles of investment opportunities. They will be distributed to impact investors at OneMedForums around the world, including New York City in April 2018, San Francisco, Shanghai and London later in the year. Gatherings will also occur at the major medical conferences for each area of focus.

“The idea is to build a community of those engaged in tackling these major global issues around the world,”said Mariam Azarm, Founder of The Klosters Forum and Klosters Innovation Partners.

About:  Klosters Innovation Partners was formed to take a non-conventional “entrepreneurial” approach to global humanitarian challenges. It convenes the most creative minds to address some of the world’s most pressing problems and uses its network to support the ideas with greatest impact.  It sponsors the Klosters Forum, an intimate exclusive and private forum to encourage outcome-oriented collaborations and partnerships in Klosters and Davos Switzerland during the World Economic Forum and in other cities around the world.