Turner MedTech’s Manufacturing Processes Make Commercialization Easier

Turner MedTech is a company with a primary focus on the manufacture of products for the medical, life science, physical science, and security and defense industries. The company is a division of Turner Innovations, a technology and product development company serving the same industries. Through Turner Innovations and Turner MedTech, the two companies seeks to offer its customers the opportunity to accelerate their timetable to commercialization by working with one partner under one seamless system.

President and CEO Dr. Clark Turner sees the company as being centered exclusively on applied research and early-stage product development and prototyping to demonstrate technical feasibility of innovative technology ideas. He explains, “Based on some of my experiences over the years, I realized that there is a strong need for a manufacturing partner to produce prototypes and finished products with a focus on customer service and quality. Turner MedTech was formed to fill that need.”

Turner MedTech’s manufacturing capabilities and processes provide a full range of products to make the commercialization process easier and less stressful. Turner caters primarily to firms that need individual prototypes manufactured from 3D printers or CNC machining, or volume production of injection-molded components to fully-assembled electromechanical devices.

Currently, the company has two recently-developed products: GMASS and ClearShield. GMASS is a high-density 3D printer filament. It is patent pending, with a specially-formulated high-density ABS-based filament for 3D printing applications. It offers the ability to rapidly prototype high-density components.

Using a variety of metallic fillers, GMASS has a density approaching traditional metals, with a unique design flexibility via ABS plastic. This allows a customer’s plastic parts to have the weight and feel of metal castings. The company also offers enhancements through the availability of custom, colored filament.

Further, the non-toxic fillers in GMASS make it capable of radiation shielding without the environmental impact of lead. While designed for rapid prototyping, GMASS can also be used as an excellent material for low-quantity additive manufacturing.

Turner’s other product, ClearShield, is also patent pending. It is a lead-free acrylic sheet that is eco-friendly, meets RoHS requirements, and provides protection from x-ray exposure. ClearShield is an ideal substrate for machining and rapid customization.

ClearShield was developed as a new solution for worldwide applications where environmental regulations for the use of lead are closely monitored and/or prohibited. The materials that make up ClearShield are eco-friendly: lead-free acrylic shielding, in addition to safe and portable.

Not only is ClearShield shatter resistant and machinable, but architects, x-ray equipment designers, mobile barrier suppliers, military, government and others who work in the medical, industrial, nuclear and scientific industries will appreciate the safety and effectiveness of working with the product. Acrylic sheets come in standard and custom sizes. ClearShield is shatter resistant and machinable.

For more on Turner MedTech or Turner Innovations, visit the company’s website.