Chinese Pharma Industry Leader Mingde Yu to Keynote Shanghai Conference

Mr. Mingde Yu Chairman of the China Pharmaceutical Enterprises Administrative Association will be a keynote speaker at the SEBP 2017 Shanghai China. The conference, which is in it’s 5th year brings a select group of European companies to China to foster partnerships. Mr. Yu heads an organization comprised of nearly 800 leading pharmaceutical companies that are keen to see promising technology from the Europe and the United States. According to conference organizer, Dr. Ronghui Gao, who is Managing Partner of both China BioVentures and the Fenglin Biomedical center,  “We are delighted to have Mr. Yu, who is one of the most influential people in China’s healthcare system to join our conference.”

As the leader of the largest pharmaceutical industry association in China, Mr. Yu was involved in drawing up the draft for the China medical reform policy and laying out the strategy for the Chinese pharmaceutical industry development. Mr. Yu has led the CFDA regulatory team to initiate a number of regulatory policies. He is also plays a key role in making government policy on manufacturing, distribution and other areas in the pharmaceutical industry in China. Mr. Yu is the Honorary Chairman and Director of the Beijing Pharmaceutical Group and is the Committee Chairman for the China Pharmaceutical Enterprises Administrative Association and China Medical Entrepreneur Association. Mr. Yu also serves as an independent director of China Nuokang Bio-pharma, and 3Sbio, North China Pharmaceutical & Shandong Wohua Pharmaceuticals Technology Corporation.

The conference will be held in the Xuhui district at the new Fenglin International Biomedical Center. Supported by the Shanghai government, the Fenglin center was created to facilitate the introduction of leading biomedical technologies from throughout the world into China in order to meet the growing demand for healthcare. In addition to assisting in the registration and approval of new drugs and devices, the center facilitates development of partnerships and and direct investment in promising companies and healthcare technologies.  

For additional information about the event visit this link.