BioCentury Holds 24th Annual Future Leaders Conference

Biocentury is celebrating 25 years in business having hosted last week their 24th Future Leaders conference which is the longest running independent investment conference serving the biopharma industry; helping showcase biotech companies independently vetted by BioCentury, developing best-in-class products and discovery platforms in important disease areas. The 2017 Class follows this theme, with a rich mix of product and platform companies with ample milestone opportunities in front of them. 

This year, the conference featured 50+ companies from a variety innovative science and platform assets, plus later stage compounds with near-term commercial milestones. Also included are an international track of companies with key value drivers, companies working on new targets in regenerative medicine, neurological conditions and cancer including CAR-T. BioCentury also continues to shine a light on emerging private companies ready to hut the Street’s radar trough our track of Next Wave companies.

This conference year’s Future Leaders class has raised more than $3.6 billion in capital. Of this total, nearly $1.6 billion has come since the beginning of 2015, with nearly $750 million coming in the past 5 quarters.  For more information.