Entrepreneurs as a Political Force?


“Those that make America run must start running America” is the tag line for Main Street Policy Group, a new organization with the notion that America’s entrepreneurs and small business owners, if organized, could fix a broken political system. 

The dysfunction of the 2016 presidential election, a trillion dollar deficit, and government’s apparent unwillingness to address major problems, faith in our branches of government is slowly eroding. At it’s core, the fundamental “business model” is flawed. Policy is driven not by the general interest, but the special interests. The rise of an elite political class supported by Wall Street, big business and the K Street lobbyists keep the elite in power at the expense of the public. It is a fundamentally corrupt system which is why, according to a recent Gallup poll, 3 out of 4 Americans have lost faith in their government.

Until the financial connection between the special interests and policy is severed, government will remain broken. The populace will continue to lose faith in its government. Main Street Founder, Brett Johnson, believes we have reached a point where business owners understand the gravity of this situation, and will get involved in politics if given a reasonable plan. Main Street’s plan has a primary focus on implementing term limits within the U.S. Congress, seeking a return to the founders’ intent of a citizen legislature.

Main Street Policy Group has launched a new initiative with its subsidiary, ChangeGov, to reintroduce this concept of a citizen legislature. Aimed at blunting the influence of special interests in policy-making, its focus is on economic and financial policy. ChangeGov has organized a new Speaker Series to address how policy impacts opportunity.

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